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“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein.


As the complexity of delivering positive change within a siloed, transactional industry becomes clearer, our solution is to offer a holistic approach to sustainability, Social Value and ESG. 


Change can be tricky, especially when it comes to behaviour. Some plans may have good intentions, but they can be out of touch with reality and too technical for employees to understand and implement. 


Our approach focuses on creating the right environment for positive change. By working from a more human perspective through People, Place and Planet, we can help businesses that need to shift the way they work by:

  • Understanding the territory - understanding the context, exploring the system,; developing the question.

  • Developing the map - engaging stakeholders, exploring possibilities, co-creating the strategy.

  • Making the journey - piloting and prototyping; coaching and mentoring; building the community for change.

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Workplace Insight

Measure the sustainability of your workplace culture and find out how to build motivation for change. The Most Sustainable Workplace Index™.


Enabling Industry Change

Through our re:ground partnership we provide thought leadership, constructive challenge and expert support to help the built environment deliver on ESG, sustainability and Social Value. 


Building Capacity

Innovation partnerships in human development and nature connection that enable change in the industry through leadership, team building and coaching programmes and workshops

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Insight into the workplace

The Most Sustainable Workplace Index

Our Most Sustainable Workplace Index and Discovery Circles provide:

  • Understanding where your people are at and insight into how mindset and culture limit action.

  • Information to shape training and development plans and effectively target investment in behaviour change.

  • Evidence of genuine employee engagement around sustainability and demonstration of continuous improvement to support accreditations.

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Enabling industry change


Re:ground helps those individuals and organisations shaping the built environment fulfil their responsibility to current and future generations to deliver positive social and environmental impact.


In a techno-economic-obsessed industry, our offer uniquely focuses on people as the catalyst for positive change. Re:ground exists to shift the way we do things by:

  • Harnessing insights from action research. Offering thought leadership and building community and industry collaborations around the role of culture on sustainability and ESG.

  • Supporting organisational change through co-creating strategy and action plans; building ownership in your people; evolving your business plans, processes and tools; and being the critical friend to provide ongoing support and challenge.

  • Evolving how the industry engages with the concept of ‘Place’ and our role as ‘Place-keepers’. Piloting innovative approaches to place-based Social Value and ESG.

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Building capacity

Engage, lead, transform

Orientate offers a range of coaching, training and workshops to help our clients build capacity for positive change within their workforces. 


We specialise in the built environment and support change in other industries through our collaborations as EARTHED and Climate Coaches.

  • Business transformation and adaptation programmes.

  • Large-scale online employee engagement workshops.

  • Group coaching programmes on Climate imagery, ESG leadership and resilience for ‘change-makers’ in organisations.

  • Team coaching and away days on ESG and climate for leadership groups and in-house sustainability teams.

  • 1:1 coaching and mentoring support.


Why choose Orientate?

Bridging the gap between good intentions and actual actions can take time and effort for organisations regarding sustainability, environmental, and social governance. It's great to see that a lot of employees, about 90%, are concerned about these issues, but it's tough when only 15% of those feel engaged in how their company is addressing them, and 30% know the role they can play to make a real impact.


  • We bring an intimate understanding of the built environment and a passion for its potential as an agent of positive change.

  • Through expertise in human development, nature connection and experiential learning, we bring a unique set of skills that shifts perspective on ESG and unlock change.

  • By integrating consultancy, facilitation, mentoring and coaching we provide a seamless blend of approaches to support your journey.

  • Our unique collaborations across industries and approaches to change open up innovative ways to approach deep-rooted challenges.

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