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The industry that makes and manages our buildings and places is abundant with strategies, plans and roadmaps to cut carbon from a sector that generates nearly 40% of annual global CO2 emissions. But with 98% of sustainability initiatives failing, our industry is failing too. 


Some amazing things are happening in the built environment with some exceptional people and projects driving positive change. However, we believe that on the  whole, the industry must deliver on the huge responsibility it holds to create, manage and curate sustainable places for current and future generations to live, work and play.


Re:ground is a collaborative community established to catalyse positive change within the built environment.


The path to a sustainable built environment doesn’t need to start with all the answers but with collective commitment, intent and a single question.


‘How do we take responsibility for the sustainability of our built environment today and the legacy our actions leave for future generations?’


We believe in the vast professional expertise of our industry and the passion for creating thriving, sustainable places that brought so many of us into the sector. We believe that there is a huge, untapped desire to take action on climate change and leave a positive legacy for future generations.

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Eco Building

We recognise this requires work.


Re:ground was established to help those individuals and organisations who want to fulfil their responsibility to current and future generations to deliver positive social and environmental impact in the built environment.

In a techno-economic-obsessed industry, Re:ground uniquely focuses on People and Place as the catalysts for systemic, positive change.  We offer a blend of thought leadership, consultancy, property expertise, design, facilitation, mentoring and coaching to support businesses in the built environment at every stage of their journey:

  • Harnessing insights from action research. Offering thought leadership and building community and industry collaborations around the role of culture on sustainability and ESG.

  • Supporting organisational change through co-creating credible strategy and action plans; building ownership in your people; optimising your built assets, processes and tools; and being the critical friend to provide ongoing support and challenge.

  • Evolving how the industry engages with the concept of ‘Place’ and our role as ‘Place-keepers’. Providing integrative approach to development, regeneration and place-based Social Value and ESG.

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