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Most Sustainable Workplace Index

We believe every organisation should have the insight to create a sustainable workplace.


Unlock the secret to a sustainable workplace with MSWI - the leading index for measuring motivation and culture around Sustainability, Environment, Social Governance (ESG) and Net Zero.


Get a clear understanding of your workplace culture and employee readiness for change with this human-centric approach.


Harness the power of MSWI to build employee engagement. Enable effective behaviour change by driving motivation and targeted action on sustainability and climate in your workplace today.

Image by Andreas Dress



MSWI measures motivation and culture around sustainability within your workplace.

You receive customised data analysis mapped against how you run your business. 

Through MSWI you will understand what is required to build engagement and action on sustainability.



Through a 90 minute workshop we explore the results of your assessment and what it means for your organisation. We support you to create an initial action plan to align your work processes and culture with your sustainability goals. You can re-measure to understand the impact.



Work towards gaining ‘Most Sustainable Workplace’ accreditation as evidence of an engaged, motivated workforce.


From 2024 we will be launching the first 1st MSWI Insight Report so watch this space!

  • Build evidence of continuous improvement to support industry accreditations, e.g. B Corp.

  • Create effective engagement with your employees on a subject that matters to them.

  • Ensure you maximise your chances of delivering your sustainability and climate targets by bringing your organisation with you.

  • Avoiding mere "greenwashing" by learning the true story of how it feels to work on sustainability within your organisation

  • Raise RoI of spend on climate and sustainability training by targeting the things that will unlock action.

  • Measure on an annual basis or through a ‘pulse’ survey to understand the impact of your actions.

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