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Orienting People and Place towards a regenerative future

We help businesses working in the built environment to adapt, regenerate and become fit for the future

As the complexity of delivering positive change within a siloed, transactional industry becomes clearer, our solution is to offer a holistic approach to sustainability, Social Value and ESG.


We help clients to work through the space in between the organisation they are today and the one they would be proud to become tomorrow.

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Workplace Insight

Measure the sustainability of your workplace culture and find out how to build motivation for change. The Most Sustainable Workplace Index™.


Enabling Industry Change

Through our re:ground partnership we provide thought leadership, constructive challenge and expert support to help the built environment deliver on ESG, sustainability and Social Value. 


Building Capacity

Innovation partnerships in human development and nature connection that enable change in the industry through leadership, team building and coaching programmes and workshops

Moving beyond talk matters for business

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Climate, biodiversity and social crises are affecting all of us. Businesses have a huge role in transforming their operations, providing advice, and engaging with their customers and suppliers. Within the built environment, daily decisions shape every aspect of how current and future generations live, work and play.


Moving beyond aspirations and rhetoric requires a motivated and sustainable workplace culture that takes ownership of the role it has to play. As net-zero, ESG, and Social Value becomes increasingly crucial for employees and clients, so does the imperative to evolve how we work. 


The ability to attract and retain the most exciting talent, engage employees and unlock creativity and innovation means stepping into the change with both feet. Lip service and empty promises can be seen a mile off. Businesses operating in the built environment will only thrive and be resilient in today's changing world if they integrate People, Place and Planet into every aspect of their business.

The Most Sustainable Workplace Index™

Our Most Sustainable Workplace Index is a human-centric measure of Sustainability, Environment and Social Governance (ESG) and Net Zero in the workplace.


Complete the annual Index survey to understand the sustainability of your workplace culture and how to build motivation for change.


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